Mission and purpose

The Anabaptist School of Worship is a series of seminars, labs, and forums designed to apprentice congregations in worship practices that discern the reign of God in Christ. It works to aid congregations in renewing, discovering, and practicing faithful worship.

identity and reach

It is Anabaptist in that it grows from the contemporary Anabaptist movement, which emphasizes discernment and learning in community toward a fuller understanding and embodiment of God’s shalom. The services of The Anabaptist School of Worship are available to all Christian congregations, judicatories, networks, and colleges that seek to enrich worship and spirituality through the focus of God’s reign of shalom.

perspective on worship

Worship is a crafted endeavor. It comes to be after sustained, imaginative engagement at the hands of skilled artisans, led by Jesus. The assembly, as it exists in a variety of contexts, is a diverse group with diverse gifting and abilities. All who gather in the assembly for worship are its artisans. The work of worship planners, ministers, and presiders is to encourage and empower the assembly to think deeply, to be drawn fully into the whole story of God, and to imagine the world as it should be. Then, these same leaders are entrusted with apprenticing the assembly and its constituent parts in exercising their particular skills and trades so that the work of worship, the liturgy, begins to take shape. 

about the facilitator


Dr. Christopher J. Montgomery, OSL, grew up Baptist, and has a special affinity for the free-church. He has served in pastoral positions in worship, the arts, and teaching/leadership for over a decade in evangelical and Anabaptist contexts. He is a vowed member of the Order of Saint Luke, an ecumenical religious order committed to liturgical scholarship and sacramental spirituality, and maintains membership in the Ancient-Future Faith Network. Affirmed for ministry by both evangelical and Anabaptist churches, his background and commitment to the church is broadly ecumenical. He currently pastors Sermon on the Mount Mennonite Church in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He is committed to apprenticing and enriching worship in the free-church tradition to find virtue in sacramental and liturgical expressions of God’s Kingdom.

Christopher holds the Bachelor of Arts in music from Ouachita Baptist University, the Master of Divinity in Contemporary Ministry Leadership from Biblical Theological Seminary, and the Doctor of Worship Studies from The Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies. He also holds certification in conflict meditation from the Lombard Mennonite Peace Center, and has training and experience in organizational assessment and strategic and narrative planning.

He has taught a variety of workshops, seminars, college and seminary courses on worship leading, worship theology, and sacramentality.