I am Dr. Christopher Montgomery, O.S.L. I’ve spent most of my life in flux, always feeling as though I’m between places and times. My background is diverse and reflects my pursuit of the mystery of God in many places. I’ve known great hardship and great joy and seek to help along others in their journeys in faith, worship, and spirituality. I resonate most with those who have been scarred and wounded by the institutional church, its bureaucracy and its infighting. I consider it my goal to find those people and show them that Christianity can (and must) be better than simply maintaining buildings and bylaws. It is about building a better world through healing, justice, and peace.

I hold degrees in music (B.A., 2007, Ouachita Baptist University), postmodern theology and leadership (M.Div., 2010, Missio Seminary), and liturgy and spirituality (D.W.S., 2016, Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies). I am a member of a religious order dedicated to sacramental spirituality and liturgical scholarship, meaning I pray the daily office, work diligently for worship renewal (including wearing the habit in worship as a demonstration of my commitment to sacramental work), and contribute to scholarly work in worship. I am generous in my approach to understanding God and faith.

For 15 years I was a pastor in evangelical and Anabaptist congregations. I have discovered some really good people and some really bad people in churches. I’ve been credentialed for pastoral ministry by two denominations, but am now ecumenical in my outlook and identity. I am committed to following Jesus’ example, living an example of peace, and advocating for sacramental vitality and scholarship.

I am now a writer, itinerant speaker, and an advocate and pastoral missionary of liturgical renewal living in South Dakota.

I would love to connect with you or your congregation if you would like to have conversation about renewing worship, changing the shape and tone of traditional ministry, or even just needing a pastoral ear along the journey. You may email me at christopher (at) worshipcrafting (dot) com.