Developing Our Skills

As an expansion of the Planning and Leading Worship session of the school of worship, congregations may hold an additional Saturday seminar on developing skills for planning and leading worship. In order to use these two units, a congregation must have participated in a school of worship event. (Other worship related seminars may be scheduled, including Biblical Storytelling, Theology and Practice of Communion and Baptism, Music Selection and Congregational Singing, and others.)

Developing Our Skills may include one or both of the following units:

planning with excellence and fluency

This unit is a three-hour focus on planning worship in your context. Your worship leaders will come prepared to plan a worship service. We will discuss the theological and historical reasoning for various forms and structures, placement of elements within the service, developing flow and thematic consistency, and building a worship planning team. By the end, the worship planners will have worked as a community to craft an order of worship with the guidance of Dr. Montgomery, a trained expert in congregational worship.

leading with grace and confidence

This unit is a three-hour focus on leading worship in your context. Either building upon the worship service that was planned in the “Planning with Excellence and Fluency” unit, or by bringing prepared worship orders from the congregation’s worship, leaders will learn principles of introducing elements, language and word choices and their theological and pastoral implications, posture and physicality, and how to practice to lead worship. Considerable time will be spent practicing worship leading with the group in an open-workshop environment with feedback by Dr. Montgomery. By the end, worship leaders should have the tools necessary to begin leading worship with grace and confidence.


Each unit is $15/person (includes workbook) or $25/person for both on the same day
+ $0.50/mile from Dell Rapids, SD