10080428-ornamental-tree-in-three-versions-a-tree-with-a-book-stock-vectorIn-depth studies/seminars are offered that explore the various historical, biblical, theological, and missional implications of Christian worship. They include pre-session reflection questions, a six-hour in-person seminar, as well a resource guide to facilitate congregational discussion and discovery after the in-person seminar concludes. Each in-person seminar is interactive and draws on the shared knowledge of the participating community.

current discovery offerings

Creating a New World: The Bible’s Vision for Worship in God’s Reign
This seminar immerses participants in deep investigation into the Bible’s story to discover the goal of God’s work among creation and creation’s role in worship. Special attention will be given to Jesus’ proclamation of the in-breaking of God’s kingdom and how the New Testament gives on guidance on embodying this kingdom in Christian worship.

The Stories of the World: Allegiance and Allures against Christian Worship
This seminar will explore the various paradigms and accompanying ideologies that impact the world of congregations. What competes for allegiance to Christ? What are the allures that are, perhaps unknowingly, forming our congregations against God’s vision of shalom? This seminar will seek to present ways that Christian worship can work to discern and form God’s kingdom in your midst.


* There is no limit to the number of participants in the seminars.

Congregations under 50 regular Sunday attendance= $100
Congregations 50-250 regular Sunday attendance= $200
Congregations over 250 regular Sunday attendance= $300
Optional preaching on Sunday related to the seminar topic = $100
$5/participating person for a resource packet

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