Pilgrim House

The human journey is long and challenging, with great joys and great sorrows. Many forms of Christianity in the United States have become so institutionalized that people who are simply trying to follow Jesus’ example are leaving the church demoralized. Infighting, anxiety, and stress are common. Some churches attempt to resolve these issues with complex systems of discernment and consensus that never address the root of the problem, and leave persons who are already exhausted from carrying the weight of ministry with more wounds and pain. Entrenchment becomes the status quo. The result is a wounded and hurting group of Jesus-followers, burned out by institutions and struggling with the call of faith.

Pilgrim House recognizes that faith itself is best described as a pilgrimage, a sacred journey. For people of faith through human history a pilgrimage was a time of spiritual work and renewal. It was intentional and purpose-filled. Pilgrim House is a stopping place for people along that journey for nourishment. It is a place of liturgy, renewal, and spirituality for people who long for the deep beauty of worship and sacrament, story and song, without the strain of bureaucracy, institutional maintenance, or the anxiety of confrontation around hot-button issues or power struggles. It is a gathering of the church without membership, elections, or bylaws. It is a gathering of the church for people who give themselves in service of Jesus’ ministry of nonviolence, justice, and compassion, and who long for a space to receive refreshment, renewal, and hope. It is a place for faith formation without the judgment of the faith in which you are being formed. It is inclusive, sacramental, and progressive.

You are invited to participate in a gathering at Pilgrim House. The first gatherings will be in August, with liturgies on the second and fourth Sunday evenings (August 12 and August 26). Each gathering will consist of a potluck supper at 4:30pm, followed by a 45-minute Eucharistic liturgy at 5:30pm that is child-inclusive. The liturgy will be celebrated by Dr. Christopher Montgomery, OSL, and is a ministry of compassion and hope to those who spend their pilgrimage giving compassion and hope to others.

As it is not an institutional congregation, persons will be invited to share on pieces of paper during the Eucharistic offering how they are planning to give, either in time or money, to the service of peace, justice, and love during the week. (Those who wish to support the ministry of Pilgrim House offered by Dr. Montgomery, as well his writing and liturgical missionary work may do so electronically via the PayPal link to the right. Your support is greatly appreciated.)

For more information about Pilgrim House or for directions to the location, please complete the contact information below.