Pilgrim House

feast + share + imagine

Next Gathering will be Sunday, November 11 at 4:30pm in Dell Rapids, SD. We will celebrate the Feast of Saint Martin, a fourth century Roman soldier who, upon encountering a beggar, tore his cloak off and gave it to him. That night he dreamed that Jesus said to the angels, “This is Martin, and he has clothed me.” He soon laid down his sword and refused to fight any longer, saying, “I am a soldier of Christ. It is not lawful for me to fight.” He later became a bishop in Tours and an advocate for the disenfranchised. We honor his memory, his commitment to nonviolence, and his service to the poor

about pilgrim house

Do you think Christianity should be something other than maintaining an institution whose primary goal is self-preservation at any cost? Are you tired of the infighting of congregations and the anxieties it produces? Can you imagine a faith community where mystery, imagination, and beauty define its work?

If so, Pilgrim House might be something for you to consider. It is not an institutional congregation. It is a community of feasting, sharing, and imagining. It is a place for people along the pilgrimage of faith and service  to be with each other and be nourished without membership, elections, or committees. It’s not a place for everyone, and that’s okay.

Pilgrim House is a “church” the way the early Christians practiced the ways of Jesus. The gatherings are held in homes, inclusive of children, and are usually structured like this (though each gathering is slightly different):

  • Gathering song and lighting of candles, a symbol of the eternal light of love that guides our pilgrimage
  • A potluck meal
  • Guided conversation and stories
  • A shared commitment to live in the ways of love and peace
  • Sharing the sacrament of Holy Communion (with breads, honey butter, and sparkling juices and wines), a sign and symbol of God’s love and peace for the world
  • Singing, dancing, and laughing

There is no membership, but you must RSVP to participate. You may also sign-up to receive the Pilgrim House “Friday Five” using the contact information below. It is a weekly email with five items of interest (image, quote, story, song, and question) for personal encouragement.

* Pilgrim House is curated by the Rev’d Dr. Christopher Montgomery, OSL, a scholar-practitioner in ancient liturgies and postmodern theologies, and an experienced pastor. If you would like to financially support Pilgrim House gatherings and the pastoral ministry of Christopher, please donate using the PayPal link in the right column. Your gift enables Christopher to continue his ministry of creating faithful expressions of God’s reign through liturgical renewal, and it is greatly appreciated.