3691221230_f16da548ec_b-570x380Intensive workshops are focused on helping your congregation’s worship leaders practice and hone their craft in leading and planning congregational worship. Each workshop includes a video supplement, a study guide, and a six-hour in-person session of interactive guidance and facilitation.

current practice workshops

Building a Functional Worship Planning Community
How does your congregation plan worship? Who provides input, who oversees the process, who ensure fidelity to God’s reign and the biblical message? Is there a stated covenant of understanding to develop worship and community in the planning process? This workshop is designed for your congregation’s pastor and worship planning team to hone their skills in crafting worship as a community of God’s shalom.

The Shape and Language of Worship
What process does your congregation use to plan worship? How much consideration is given to the way the words and structure of your worship impacts your congregation’s witness of God’s reign of shalom? In this workshop participants will ask questions and work to plan an upcoming order of worship that envisions God’s reign of shalom in their midst.

Telling God’s Story in Worship
How do we read the Scriptures in worship? How does the telling of God’s story in worship shape our congregations toward God’s reign of shalom? In this workshop participants will practice various ways of telling God’s story and receive practical tips for enlivening the sharing of the Scriptures.

Holy Communion that Discerns God’s Reign
Holy Communion is an indispensable part of Christian worship. For most of the church through most of history, gathering at the Table for bread and cup has been a weekly celebration. This workshop will work with your pastor and worship planning team to learn the church’s various ways of celebrating and praying in Holy Communion as the meal of Christ’s shalom.

Preaching the Gospel of Shalom
Preaching isn’t just for pastors. This workshop introduces the basics of preaching – its goals and purpose – and helps congregation members learn how to craft a sermon. Participants will also be invited to preaching and receiving feedback in the workshop.


* There is no limit to the number of participants in the seminars.

Congregations under 50 regular Sunday attendance= $100
Congregations 50-250 regular Sunday attendance= $200
Congregations over 250 regular Sunday attendance= $300
$5/person participating for a resource packet + video access

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