The program is designed to build on each component, beginning with renewal and extending through discovery and practice. The full apprenticeship program takes place over eight weekends and draws together your congregation’s worship planners and leaders to think critically about worship and practice their craft together.* The following is the full program list:

  1. A Renewal Weekend
  2. Practice: Building a Functional Worship Planning Community
  3. Discovery: Creating a New World
  4. Practice: The Shape and Language of Worship
  5. Discovery: Stories of Allegiance
  6. Practice: Telling God’s Story in Worship
  7. Practice: Holy Communion that Discerns God’s Reign
  8. Practice: Preaching the Gospel of Shalom

Full component descriptions can be found on their pages:

RENEWAL (on-site work in lectio divina and pastoral guidance)
DISCOVERY (on-site in-depth seminars and studies)
PRACTICE (on-site intensive workshops for practicing)

* While the program is designed as a several month process, congregations, judicatories, and universities may adapt any of the program components in any order for their setting. Contact Christopher for more information.


* There is no limit on the number of participants, though it is highly recommended that the cohort of participants stay together through the entire program.

Congregations under 50 regular Sunday attendance= $800 ($100/weekend)
Congregations 50-250 regular Sunday attendance= $1,600 ($200/weekend)
Congregations over 250 regular Sunday attendance= $2,400 ($300/weekend)
$40/participating person for a resource booklet