Proper 18B

The following worship resources incorporate in various ways the appointed lessons from the Revised Common Lectionary for Sunday, September 9, 2018 (Isaiah 35:4-7a, Psalm 146, James 2:1-17, and Mark 7:24-37). You may use any resources with proper attribution.


To those of you who are afraid, God says:
    Be strong, do not fear! I am with you!
The blind will see, the deaf will hear,
All will walk and talk and sing for joy!
Waters will spring up in the desert,
Burning sand will be like a pool,
Dry ground like rivers.
To those of you who are afraid, God says:
    Be strong, do not fear! I am with you!


Our God is with us as we pray for those in our midst and beyond us. Praise Adonai! Praise our God, O my soul!

(after each sharing, “Praise Adonai! Praise our God, O my soul!”)
We pray for the earth, the sky, and the sea…
We pray for the oppressed, the marginalized, and the hurting…
We pray for the hungry, the unemployed, and the homeless…
We give thanks for God’s creation…
We give thanks for God’s justice…
We give thanks for God’s provision…

God’s commonwealth of peace will last for all generations.
Praise Adonai! Praise our God, O my soul!


The Holy One be with you!
    And also with you!
Lift up your hearts.
    We lift them up to God.
Let us give thanks to the Holy One, our God!
    It is good and right to give our thanks and praise.

Praise you, Adonai, for you have given us a beautiful world in which to love, but we spoil and stain it with our greed and selfish behavior. We rob from the poor to give to the rich; you come to us in prophets to remind us that all things are to be shared for the good of all. We turn away the stranger and the foreigner; you come to immigrants and refugees and remind us that the human family shouldn’t be separated. We ignore the cries of the homeless and malnourished; you come to us in Jesus and remind us that bread is something divine. So we join our voices with those throughout time and around the world who sing your praise:
    Holy, holy, holy, God of power and might!
     Heaven and earth are full of your glory!
     Hosanna in the highest!
     Blessed is the One who comes in God’s peace.

Jesus, the beloved of God, is blessed for all. Jesus learns from the stranger, extends a hand of grace, and opens our imaginations to all that is to be gleaned from those who look different from us. Jesus is the embodiment of your love, O God, and it is the mystery of that everlasting love that we share at this table. So we proclaim the mystery we call faith:
     The life of Jesus gives us hope and grace.

Holy Spirit, sweep among us and open our eyes. Transform these gifts of bread and cup, and the community that shares them, into an appetizer and sample of the great feast that is coming in your commonwealth of peace. As we take the bread, may we be strengthened to share our food with others. As we drink the cup, may we be emboldened to share our life with others. And as we disperse from this table, may we remember our call: act with kindness and love toward all.