Schools of Worship


A School of Worship is a two-day spiritual seminar for your entire congregation. The process of crafting both services of worship and a healthy ethos of worship for your congregation begins with conversation, reflection, and community discernment. It asks questions about identity, context, and values, and then seeks to synthesize the various answers to those questions in ways that best serve God’s vision of shalom and the congregation that embodies it. Hosting a School of Worship in your congregation will allow your parishioners deepen their practice of worship when they gather.

typical school of worship schedule

A School of Worship is an opportunity for your congregation to receive pastoral guidance and enrich congregational practices of worship. The following is a recommended schedule for the weekend.

Session 1 – A Spirituality of Kingdom Worship – Friday Evening (7-9pm)
The renewal weekend begins with contemplative worship and reflection, and initial thoughts on a spirituality of worship.

Session 2 – The Bible’s Stories on Worship – Saturday Morning (9-11am)
The second session includes small-group lectio divina and biblical discernment on stories from the Bible that lay a healthy foundation for worship practice and congregational spirituality.

Session 3 – Who Are We? – Saturday Mid-Day (11am-12pm; 1-3pm)
The middle portion of the school of worship involves the use of questions on identity, context, and values to assist your congregation in naming its hopes and dreams for worship, and framing them within the biblical story of God’s shalom.

Session 4 – Personal Prayer Practices – Saturday Afternoon (3-4:30pm)
Saturday concludes with a brief look at personal prayer practices that connect your congregation’s Sunday worship with devotional habits during the week. Special attention will be given to asking questions from worship for spiritual formation.

Optional Preaching on Sunday
Dr. Montgomery may be available to preach during your congregation’s Sunday worship, speaking about worship and spirituality to your broader congregation.


$35/person (includes workbook) + $0.50/mile from Dell Rapids, SD
Preaching on Sunday = $125

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